Report prepared for WWF

Is the CDM fulfilling its environmental and sustainable development objectives? An evaluation of the CDM and options for improvement

Oeko-Institut has launched a report on the CDM. The report assesses the contribution of the CDM to meeting its environmental and sustainable development objectives and provides recommendations for improving the mechanism.

The report’s findings are based on a systematic evaluation of 93 randomly chosen registered CDM projects as well as interviews and a literature survey. The report discusses selected areas which are deemed particularly important for achieving its environmental and sustainable development objectives, including:

  • the role and performance of designated operational entities (DOEs),
  • the demonstration of additionality,
  • the contribution of CDM projects to sustainable development,
  • the role of HFC-23 and N2O destruction projects,
  • the participation of stakeholders in the process,
  • the environmental integrity of “policy CDM” and “sectoral CDM”, and options for limiting the use of CDM and JI by Annex I countries and in emissions trading schemes.