Assessment of Project Vulnerability and Options to Support Continued Mitigation

Vulnerability of CDM Projects for Discontinuation of Mitigation Activities

This study forms part of a broader project, supported by the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA), with the primary objective to analyse the current situation and development of the international carbon markets.

This report investigates the current situation of existing project-based carbon market activities in the transitional period until a new climate agreement becomes effective after 2020. For the analysis of this undertaking, the focus is laid on existing projects under the CDM due to the broad range of project types pursued under the CDM and the consequential relevance of this analysis for other project-based carbon market activities. Based on a qualitative situational analysis of different CDM project types in the context of the risk of discontinuation of GHG abatement activities, options for their potential continuation and the implications of interventions are discussed.