How industrial and developing nations can help to reduce emissions – assessing emission trends, reduction potentials, incentive systems and negotiation options

Post-2012 climate regime

This report analyses the emissions reduction targets submitted under the Copenhagen Accord by developed and developing countries in matters of four key questions:

  • Do the pledges add up to the emission reductions required necessary by science?
  • What are the costs associated with meeting the given targets?
  • Are the proposed emission reduction efforts of Annex I parties comparable?
  • What would comparable efforts look like taking country-specific socio-economic indicators into account?

Secondary to these questions this report explores the economic and environmental implications of the submitted pledges and NAMAs. Furthermore, we analyze and assess the comparability of efforts of Annex I mitigation pledges compared to a range of socio-economic indicators that may provide a basis for a “fair” effort sharing agreement to achieve a given target.