Policy Messages to the Clean Energy Ministerial

ISGAN Regulatory Sandbox 2.0 Project

  • Klaus Kubeczko
  • Anna Wang
  • José Pablo Chaves Ávila
  • Mauricio Correa Ramírez
  • Aram An
  • Nicole Kerkhof-Damen
  • Helena Lindquist
  • Magnus Olofsson
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Innovation is among the most important levers to successfully cope with the challenges of climate and energy policy. Therefore, it is important to complement conventional approaches of piloting technological solutions and to make sure that regulation facilitates innovation. Innovative solutions like Smart Grids can entail higher risks that not all regulatory frameworks recognize. In several countries, regulators have put in place regulatory mechanisms to support innovation, both in demonstration and in deployment (roll-out) stages. Regulatory experiments can be a useful additional tool for testing innovative Smart Grid solutions under future regulatory framework conditions.