Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products

  • E. S. Andrews
  • L. P. Barthel
  • C. Benoit
  • A. Ciroth
  • C Cucuzzella
  • J. Hebert
  • P. Lesa-ge
  • P. Mazeau
  • B. Mazijn
  • A.-L. Methot
  • A. Moberg
  • G. Norris
  • J. Parent
  • Siddharth Prakash
    Senior Researcher / Gruppenleiter Zirkuläres Wirtschaften & Globale Wertschöpfungsketten Produkte & Stoffströme
  • et al.

The publication of the Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment produced by the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative sets a milestone by outlining a framework and best-practices for assessing the social and socio-economic impacts of product life cycles. The guidelines also highlight where new research is needed.