ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2006/3

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation

Greenhouse gas emissions from aviation have been rising steadily in the past due to increased demand for air traffic despite efficiency increases through technological improvements and operative measures. At the same time emissions from international aviation are not covered by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or its Kyoto Protocol. The Commission of the European Communities has proposed a Directive which would include aviation in an emissions trading scheme due to the lack of progress on the international level.


The purpose of this report is to compile reliable and transparent data on the effects of aviation on climate change as background information for the discussion of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts by this sector. It gives an overview of the effects of emissions from air traffic on the climate with a special focus on non-CO2 gases and contains latest data on historic and projected emissions from government, science and business organisations.

Download: http://air-climate.eionet.europa.eu/reports/ETCACC_TechnPaper_2006_3_data_aviation_and_cc