Policy Brief

Towards Responsible Sourcing – What’s Next for the Mobility Sector?

The transformation of the mobility sector is essential in order to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals. According to various studies¹, passenger cars will need to run on battery power, as other fuel solutions are neither economically nor technologically feasible. Furthermore, a reduction in the number of cars and the use of public transport is needed to reduce the mineral resource use in car manufacturing and to be able to reduce emissions as soon as possible. Based on the concepts of planetary boundaries and strong sustainability as well as environmental justice considerations, the RE-SOURCING project has developed a Vision for the Mobility Sector with a focus on battery electric vehicles. Starting from the current state of the mobility sector supply chain, the RE-SOURCING project, together with actors from different stakeholder groups, regions, and nodes in the supply chain developed a sectoral Roadmap. This Roadmap provides milestones and recommendations for EU policy makers, international industry, and civil society organisations on how to achieve the vision of a responsible and sustainable mobility sector