Final report - Study

Support to an impact assessment of an EU ETS review and possible proposal

This is the Final Report on a study to support an impact assessment of options for the EU ETS for Aviation following the completion of the Stop-the-Clock derogation at the end of 2016. The report provides a brief overview of the problem being studied and the manner in which the policy options under consideration have been interpreted for the analyses. It presents the results of the assessments of the impacts of the policy options on CO2 emissions, revenues under the EU ETS and international credit systems and economic impacts on aircraft operators. Following the agreement of a global market-based measure (GMBM) at the 39th ICAO Assembly in October 2016, the report includes assessments of the policy options which include the implementation of the GMBM and assesses the implications of the agreement that was reached. The report also includes (in Annex II) the analysis of responses to the public consultation that was organised by the Commission prior to the commencement of this study.