Final report

Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy - ReceBio

  • N. Forsell
  • A. Korosuo
  • P. Havlík
  • H. Valin
  • P. Lauri
  • M. Gusti
  • G. Kindermann
  • M. Pekkanen
  • P. Nuolivirta
  • C. Bowyer
  • S. Nanni
  • B. Allen
  • J. Poláková
  • J. Fitzgerald
  • M. Lindner

The study examines the resource efficiency implications of various levels of EU use of bioenergy for electricity and heat until 2050. Methods of analysis include an extensive literature and statistical review, detailed modelling of cross-sectorial wood biomass production and use, and in-depth analysis of the implications on several sustainability indicators. The results for biomass use for material and energy are reported for EU28, while the sustainability indicators are assessed both for the EU and globally. In addition, country specific assessments were carried out for three case countries (Finland, Germany, and Italy) to examine the results against country-specific policies and resources.