STRADE Policy Brief 06/2018

Social, economic and environmental challengesin primary lithium and cobalt sourcing for the rapidly increasing electric mobility sector

  • Dr. Doris Schüler
  • Peter Dolega

STRADE is an EU-funded research project focusing on the development of dialogue-based, innovative policy recommendations for a European strategy on future raw materials supplies. In a series of policy briefs and reports,the project will offer critical analysis and recommendations on EU raw materials policy.

This policy brief focuses on the challenges in the raw materials sector that will arise from therapidly proceeding electrification of road transport. The required raw materials for batteries, particularly lithium and cobalt, will face a rapid increase in demand. Europe is highly import-dependent on both raw materials and battery cells. This policy brief identifies arisingchallenges for battery manufacturers, mining companies as well as the small-scale miningsector and gives recommendationsfor EU policy in this strategically relevant field.