A toolkit for policy makers

Laying down the pathways to nearly zero-energy buildings

  • Lukas Kranzl
  • A. Toleikyte
  • Andreas Müller
  • M. Hummel
  • E. Heiskanen
  • K. Matschoss
  • C. Rohde
  • J. Kockat
  • J. Steinbach
  • I. Regodón
  • M. Boneta
  • L. Pagliano
  • M. Pietrobon
  • R. Armani
  • Z. Georgiev
  • D. Paunova
  • I. Nolte
  • B. Atanasiu
  • C. Marian
  • B. Lapillonne
  • C. Sebi
  • P. Zahradník
  • J. Karasek

The objective of the ENTRANZE (Policies to Enforce the Transition to nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in the EU-28) project was to actively support policy making by providing the required data, analysis and guidelines to achieve the fast and effective penetration of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) and renewable heating and cooling (RES-H/C) within the existing national building stocks. The project intended to connect building experts from European research and academia to national decision makers and key stakeholders with a view to building ambitious and reality-proof policies and roadmaps.