(WP 1 – MS 7)

Identifying remaining socio-technical challenges at the national level: Germany

  • Beate Kallenbach-Herbert
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This report was written within the EU-project InSOTEC (www.insotec.eu) which aims to generate a better understanding of the complex interplay between the technical and the social in radioactive waste management and, in particular, in the design and implementation of geological disposal. In a first step 13 countries have been analysed in order to identify prevailing socio-technical challenges. This report aims to describe the current state of affair in Germany (chapter 1) and intent to identify the prevailing socio-technical challenges in Germany (chapter 2).

In a further step of the project it will be analysed in more detail how such socio-technical challenges can be considered and recommendations will be formulated. This will be done based on several case studies summarizing the experiences of all country reports.