Proceedings VALDOR (Values in Decision On Risk)

Further development of public participation in the site-selection and approval process of a final repository in Germany

  • R. Barth
  • Beate Kallenbach-Herbert
  • G. Arens

Public participation plays a vital role in the process of planning and licensing potentially hazardous and/or publicly disputed installations.

Major conflicts in the affected region may be avoided if the public or representatives are given the opportunity to participate already at an early stage of developing a project. Especially in contested projects, planning units or developers have sought to reduce the risk to fail at a late stage due to lack of public acceptance. Therefore public participation going beyond legal requirements has played an increasing role in the last years. This development can very clearly be observed also within the field of radioactive waste management , especially final disposal.

published in: Proceedings VALDOR (Values in Decision On Risk) 2006; S. 106 - 113; May 14 - 18, 2006 Stockholm, Sweden