Approaches, challenges and recommendations for the Malaysian Government

Encouraging the transition to a Circular ICT sector in Malaysia

  • Siddharth Prakash
    Senior Researcher / Gruppenleiter Zirkuläres Wirtschaften & Globale Wertschöpfungsketten Produkte & Stoffströme
  • Siti Anzor bt. Ahmad
  • Mohamad Ghozali bin Hassan
  • Haslinda binti Mohd Anuar

This study aims to develop recommendations for improving the circularity of theInformation Communication Technology (ICT) value chain in Malaysia, as an example of how an emerging economy with a significant manufacturing base can react to global trends and future-proof its industry.

The recommendations have been developed on the basis of an analysis of global trends in circular economy policy and practice combined with research into the current awareness and practice of the ICT sector in Malaysia. They include creating demand for circular products (through minimum standards as well as incentives to improve performance); improving waste management (by enhancing the capture
of valuable resources from both national and global waste streams); and, increasing capacities within the Malaysian ICT manufacturing sector (through awareness raising, capacity building, as well as financial incentives).