Final Report, Country Reports and Case Studies

Access to Justice in Environmental Matters - ENV.A.3/ETU/2002/0030

  • M. Dross
  • N. de Sadeleer
  • G. Roller

The main objectives of this study were to identify any general conclusions to be drawn as to the relevance and the consequences of access to justice for environmental NGOs as a general trend in these EU member states and to present appropriate recommendations in relation thereto to the European Commission based on the findings of the study.

The study is based on country reports providing an overview on the legal situation, as well as on empirical data such as the number and outcome of administrative and other judicial environmental law proceedings taken by environmental NGOs and citizen initiatives. In addition the study includes, for each member state, a Case Study chosen specifically to reflect the general findings of the national study in a concrete legal case, which Case Study addresses the ecological, economic and democratic impacts of that law-suit.

Including the following Country Reports and Case Studies:

  • Volume I: Denmark - France
  • Volume II: Germany - Italy - The Nederlands
  • Volume III: Portugal - United Kingdom
  • Volume IV: Belgium