Excel-Tool & Data documentation

PTX Business Opportunity Analyser

On behalf of Agora Energiewende and Agora Industry, the Oeko-Institut has developed a new Excel tool, the PTX Business Opportunity Analyser. The tool is designed to identify regions with promising business opportunities within the PtX value chain. Its aim is to promote the export of a wide range of PtX molecules, including amongst others, green ammonia, e-methanol and synthetic fuels. Users can calculate the delivered cost of PtX molecules from an export country to an import country, with a detailed cost breakdown comparison highlighting the competitive edge of one country against another. The tool comes with a default dataset for all included countries to guide the user and provide a high-level overview using pre-feasibility level information, while also allowing the user to manually adjust all relevant variables to accommodate local inputs. Moreover, the tool connects the techno-economic analysis with relevant information on certification schemes and sustainability issues. The tool comes with a detailed data documentation in which we explain the data sources and data processing that are used in the PTX Business Opportunity Analyser.