Implementing circular economy in Mexico: Recommendations for strategies against obsolescence of smartphones & textiles

  • Isabella Sohns
  • Mia Meister
  • Siddharth Prakash
    Senior Researcher / Gruppenleiter Zirkuläres Wirtschaften & Globale Wertschöpfungsketten Produkte & Stoffströme
  • Juana Itzchel
  • Nerea Ruiz
  • Guadalupe López Mérida
  • Luz María González Osorio
  • Monserrat Calderón Valesco
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The aim of this document is to draw attention to necessary reforms of the legal and economic framework in the area of "circular economy", waste prevention and product obsolescence. In addition, the potential of the circular economy for climate change mitigation will be highlighted. Therefore, approaches for extending the usage time and lifespan for products are shown using the example of smartphones and textiles. Globally existing measures from the area of policy and legislation as well as suitable business models are presented and barriers and drivers for dissemination of the selected models are identified. Life cycle assessment studies will be used to estimate the greenhouse gas saving potential for Mexico that results from extending the usage times of smartphones and textiles. Finally, the results will be used to formulate recommendations for implementing the circular economy aspects of waste prevention and lifespan extension in Mexican waste and product policies.