Guidelines and tools for test laboratories to target circumvention

  • Sonia Martin
  • Randolph van Kasteren
  • Christoph Türk
  • Ina Hook
  • Heinz Lemke
  • Stefano Ferrari
  • Chrisitian Praher
  • Milena Presutto
  • R. Stamminger
  • Nerea Ruiz

the following guidelines for test laboratories, together with separate guide-lines for Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs), shall provide practical capacity building measures for these key actors. Beyond that, ANTICSS aims at supporting communication and collaboration platforms between major stakeholders and provide policy recommendations for policy makers and standardisation bodies to prevent future ‘circumvention’ under EU Ecodesign and Energy labelling. The ANTICSS project is also designed to provide reliability to manufacturers by specifying potentially vague legislation and standards, which might be interpreted, differently by market actors and some of them taking unfair advantages so far. By overall awareness raising on the topic of ‘circumvention’ among stakeholders, ANTICSS is supporting an effective EU legislation enforcement and thus increasing acceptance and trust of market actors and civil society into the Ecodesign and Energy labelling legislation.

Flowchart: Testing procedure to target ‘circumvention’ in Market Surveillance verification procedures