Current Situation and Ongoing Projects on Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Capture and Utilization in Germany and Japan

Contribution to the research project Scientific orientation of the German-Japanese cooperation on selected climate protection technologies within the framework of the German-Japanese climate protection declaration and the German-Japanese environment and energy dialogue forum

This factsheet begins with an overview of GHG emission trends, reduction target and key elements of the climate and energy strategies in both countries to facilitate the understanding how CCS and CCU are embedded in these strategies (chapter 2). CCS and CCU overlap to some extent with regard to capturing CO2 but differ as to how the CO2 is treated after capturing. Before we scrutinize this background, recent initiatives and projects, potentials, etc. for CCS and CCU in both countries in chapters 4 and 5, we discuss the potential sources of CO2 (fossil, biogenic, ambient air) and the challenges involved with the different sources in chapter 3. The regulatory frameworks for CCS and CCU in Germany and Japan are compared in chapter 6. Finally, in chapter 7 we compare the situation in both countries and draw conclusions for the political discussion.