EU climate and energy efficiency targets 2030 - Strengthening their synergies

The 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which sets the EU’s overall savings target (Article 3) and requires Member States to implement several measures and deliver annual energy savings (Article 7), is the key framework for delivering improvements in energy efficiency. The European Union negotiates a revised version of the 2012 Directive. To inform the negotiations, the aim of the project is to identify the impact of Article 7 on the EU’s climate targets with a focus on non-ETS sectors. Before a quantification of the impact of energy efficiency on reducing greenhouse gases is provided, the EU’s climate policy and Article 7 of the EED (one of the most important drivers for energy efficiency in Europe, delivering half of the savings required by the Energy Efficiency Directive) are briefly summarised.

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Projektende: 2021



European Climate Foundation (ECF)


STS Consulting