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Issue March 2014

What to eat?

Healthy food, small footprint


Enjoy your meal

Editorial by Michael Sailer, CEO, Oeko-Institutdes Öko-Instituts

The theme of the latest edition of eco@work is sustainable food. What can we add to the organic movement’s familiar mantra: “organic – local – seasonal”? In this magazine we don’t dispute that there are always both environmental and health advantages to buying organically produced foods, supporting local farming and eating foods in season, especially as they mostly taste better than produce grown under glass. And I just love eating strawberries when they are properly ripe. But are all the organic claims actually true? And should we restrict ourselves to the rule of three I quoted above when talking about sustainable food? Or doesn’t it instead merit a more comprehensive examination that, as a scientific institute, we both can and want to give?

You may be aware of my personal interest in historic events and developments. Growing food and eating meat – in the past much less…

Enjoy your meal

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