Issue: June 2018, Knowledge and science – Facts about alternatives, not alternative facts


A farewell and a fresh start

Editorial by Michael Sailer, CEO, Oeko-Institut

As you know, the Oeko-Institut is hardly a newcomer to the field of independent environmental research. We recently celebrated our 40th anniversary, and yet in some ways, we are still regarded as a start-up – a place for thinking about new ideas, with radical yet always well-reasoned proposals for a sustainable future, dynamic and unencumbered by inflexible structures. It helps that we are constantly bringing in new talent to complement the wealth of skills and experience of our existing staff. We have a strong contingent of dedicated young professionals on our team. And of course, there is also the occasional retirement. A major change is afoot at the most senior level of the Oeko-Institut: on 1 July, we will be saying goodbye to Executive Board member Rainer Griesshammer, who has been associated with the Oeko-Institut since the early 1980s and has done so much, over these past decades, to make the Oeko-Institut what it is today. This issue of eco@work is therefore dedicated to him. It explores the role of knowledge and science in today’s society and, of course, looks back at Rainer’s own long career, during which he shaped the Oeko-Institut’s positions and helped to set the agenda in the wider sustainability debate. Here at the Oeko-Institut, he will also be remembered for his modesty and for his unfailing courtesy and respect for the entire team. I feel sure that he will not be a stranger to our institute in the years ahead and will continue to work towards our common goal.

At the same time, I am delighted to welcome our new Executive Director Anke Herold. Formerly our research coordinator for international climate policy and on the institute’s team for more than twenty years now, she joined the Executive Board on 1 April with special responsibility for research matters.

I send both Rainer and Anke my personal good wishes for the future – at the Oeko-Institut and beyond – and hope all our readers enjoy this issue of eco@work.


Michael Sailer

CEO, Oeko-Institut

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