Issue: March 2017, 40 years of the Oeko-Institut – Special anniversary issue

Facts and Figures

The Oeko-Institut in figures

Interesting facts about the Oeko-Institut

In 2017 the Oeko-Institut has offices at three locations.

The Oeko-Institut employs 169 members of staff who are liable for social security contributions.

118 researchers work for the institute.

The Oeko-Institut’s workforce comprises 74 men and 95 women.

There are 63 members of staff in Freiburg, 50 in Darmstadt and 56 in Berlin.

382 projects were worked on in 2016.

40 studies and publications have been funded by the Legacy for the Future Foundation since 2000.

Almost half a million euros has been spent on this since 2000.

Membership peaked in 1993 with 5,139 members.

The Oeko-Institut’s turnover in 2016 was 16.95 million euros.

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