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Actively managing change

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In Focus


A planned phase-out

We know which ones they are – the materials, products and technologies that we should really leave behind because they are... more

In Focus

For the climate – no more King Coal!

The coal phase-out: facts, figures and strategies

Germany’s goal was to be a role model: the inventor of the energy turnaround, a leader in renewables and a pioneer of ambitious... more

For the climate – no more King Coal!
In Focus

“We need an oil and gas consensus”

Interview with Christian Hochfeld (Agora Verkehrswende)

Transport and climate protection? These are not terms that you would necessarily mention in the same breath – for even though the... more

“We need an oil and gas consensus”

Older issues

eco@work January 2018

Final storage

Starter’s orders for final storage

In July 2016, the German Commission on the Storage of High-Level Radioactive Waste presented its final report. I myself was a member of the Commission, which spent a total of two years working to define a procedure for the selection of a final storage site for Germany’s nuclear waste. In summer 2016, the new Federal Office for the... more

Final storage - First steps

eco@work October 2017

Everything under control?

Robust but proportionate regulation

More than three decades have passed since the publication of Chemie im Haushalt, Rainer Griesshammer’s guide to chemicals in the home. It became an instant non-fiction bestseller. Compared with the 1980s and the time before that, we now live in a world with far fewer unregulated hazardous chemicals in the home and – more importantly,... more

Everything under control? - Regulating nanomaterials and other chemicals

eco@work March 2017

40 years of the Oeko-Institut


40 years of the Oeko-Institut - Special anniversary issue

eco@work March 2017


Loud, louder, noise

If like me you live in Hessen, and close to Frankfurt Airport at that, you are bound to be familiar with the subject of noise. But it is not only near airports that people are being subjected to ever-increasing noise pollution. Many of us are finding that traffic noise, the sound of construction work or the noise of loud machinery... more

Noise - Impacts and protection

eco@work January 2017

Back to the beginning

Standards and rules

“Back to the beginning” is often the motto in our projects when we analyse the environmental impacts of products, processes or services. There are already numerous schemes that attempt to bolster the importance of fairness and environmental performance in the production chain. Sometimes it is individual companies who get things... more

Back to the beginning - Sustainable supply chains

eco@work October 2016

Raw materials

From Pliny to the present day – the strategic use of raw materials

In the little free time that I have, I like to read the old scholars and historians – Pliny, for example. My summer reading was his Natural History, which is a collection of ancient knowledge of the natural sciences. In one section of his work, Pliny writes about metals and ores and their importance in the ancient world. Even back... more

Raw materials - Extraction, processing, recycling

eco@work June 2016


Urban myths and academic analysis

My first TV was a hand-me-down, acquired when I was a student in the 1970s. It was a 25-year-old black and white set and it could only pick up Channel 1 at first. To access the new programmes when ZDF began broadcasting in 1961, you had to buy a UHF converter. In those days, electrical appliances remained in use for a long time, new... more

Obsolescence - Causes, effects, strategies

eco@work March 2016

A roundabout, not a one-way street

A better world tomorrow?

617 kilos: that’s the average amount of waste generated by every German every year. That means that at my age, I have produced more than 38 tonnes of waste in my lifetime – perhaps slightly less, assuming that we lived in a less wasteful society in the past. As children, we learned what could be thrown away and what was to be used... more

A roundabout, not a one-way street - Making sustainable waste management work
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