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Impacts and protection

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In Focus

The roar of the turbines

Combating aviation noise

Not many things are as loud as a jet plane. During take-off the noise is about 140 decibels (dB). For comparison, the twittering... more

The roar of the turbines
In Focus

Mind the noise!

The effects of traffic noise

On the race circuit in Abu Dhabi Nico Rosberg is doing lap after lap as he chases the World Championship title. The noise that he... more

Mind the noise!
In Focus

“The long-term impacts of noise need researching”

Interview with Dr Irene van Kamp (RIVM)

A study over the course of a lifetime? The psychologist Dr Irene van Kamp is an advocate of long-term analyses. She has been... more

“The long-term impacts of noise need researching”

Older issues

eco@work January 2017

Back to the beginning

Standards and rules

“Back to the beginning” is often the motto in our projects when we analyse the environmental impacts of products, processes or services. There are already numerous schemes that attempt to bolster the importance of fairness and environmental performance in the production chain. Sometimes it is individual companies who get things... more

Back to the beginning - Sustainable supply chains

eco@work October 2016

Raw materials

From Pliny to the present day – the strategic use of raw materials

In the little free time that I have, I like to read the old scholars and historians – Pliny, for example. My summer reading was his Natural History, which is a collection of ancient knowledge of the natural sciences. In one section of his work, Pliny writes about metals and ores and their importance in the ancient world. Even back... more

Raw materials - Extraction, processing, recycling

eco@work June 2016


Urban myths and academic analysis

My first TV was a hand-me-down, acquired when I was a student in the 1970s. It was a 25-year-old black and white set and it could only pick up Channel 1 at first. To access the new programmes when ZDF began broadcasting in 1961, you had to buy a UHF converter. In those days, electrical appliances remained in use for a long time, new... more

Obsolescence - Causes, effects, strategies

eco@work March 2016

A roundabout, not a one-way street

A better world tomorrow?

617 kilos: that’s the average amount of waste generated by every German every year. That means that at my age, I have produced more than 38 tonnes of waste in my lifetime – perhaps slightly less, assuming that we lived in a less wasteful society in the past. As children, we learned what could be thrown away and what was to be used... more

A roundabout, not a one-way street - Making sustainable waste management work

eco@work December 2015

Green Economy

We need real progress!

The Green Economy? To me, it feels as it has never been off the Oeko-Institut’s agenda. We were talking about it back in 1985, when we published our second study on energy system transformation, focusing on energy services and the future role of the municipal utilities as key actors in this process. We were talking about it in 1996,... more

Green Economy - Sustainability, repackaged?

eco@work September 2015

The half-way stage in Germany’s “energy turnaround”

The energy turnaround: half-time, complete success?

With the publication of the book Energiewende – Wachstum und Wohlstand ohne Erdöl und Uran in 1980, the Oeko-Institut presented, for the first time, comprehensive scenarios for an alternative energy future. Florentin Krause, Hartmut Bossel and Karl-Friedrich Müller-Reissmann described how growth can be decoupled from the consumption... more

The half-way stage in Germany’s “energy turnaround” -

eco@work June 2015

Nuclear energy

One million years

The first time I took part in a panel discussion – in Worms back in 1975 – it dealt with a nuclear power plant. We talked about the Biblis plant. And when the issue of nuclear waste was raised, the operator said: “We’ll deal with it.” And I answered: “It’s not that simple. I’m worried that we will need a clean-up operation in... more

Nuclear energy - What comes afterwards?

eco@work March 2015


Supply and demand – pathways towards optimised biomass use

Biomass comes in many different forms and has a wide variety of applications. Examples are the use of timber in the furniture industry, residues in energy production, and fibre in the garment industry. In other words, it is an extremely versatile raw material. However, the biogeographical spaces that provide these inputs are used... more

Biomass - Sustainable production and use
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