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A common task

Getting involved in socio-ecological transformation

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Research has a lot to offer

Editorial by Jan Peter Schemmel, CEO, Oeko-Institut

Transformation means far-reaching change. Not change that simply happens, but change that we shape. Likewise, changing our habits…


Research has a lot to offer
In Focus

Common problems, common solutions

Formats for socio-ecological transformation

Whether to get involved in socio-ecological transformation is not a question but a given in the field of transdisciplinary…


Common problems, common solutions
In Focus

“We must try new approaches”

Interview with Martin Hahn (Municipal building authority, Wittenberge)

One municipality between Hamburg and Berlin has long established citizen involvement as part of local politics: for many years,…


“We must try new approaches”

Older issues

eco@work January 2023

Goodbye, nuclear power

Arguments for the future

In Fukushima, there was core meltdown after an earthquake a good 10 years ago. In Zaporizhzhia, Russia’s war of aggression puts a nuclear power plant at risk. Meanwhile, France was forced to shut down its reactors in summer. The reasons? Sudden hairline fractures and a lack of cooling water due to the heatwaves. Is nuclear power…


Goodbye, nuclear power - Unsustainable, uneconomical and high-risk

eco@work September 2022

A perfect circle

A major part of the solution

The warning signs from the climate crisis are becoming increasingly clear. And yet this crisis is still viewed primarily in terms of the energy supply and perhaps transport, with no regard for another major part of the solution: the required radical shift in our economic paradigm towards the establishment of a genuine circular…


A perfect circle - How does the circular economy work?

eco@work July 2022

Climate Policy – A Fitness Check

Peace, freedom and climate action

I am a fan of Europe. The EU has brought peace, security and more freedom for citizens and has created the world’s largest internal market – as well as a high level of climate ambition. In that field we have an important driver in the form of the European Commission, with its latest initiative, the Fit for 55 package. The Commission…


Climate Policy – A Fitness Check - Are we fit for 55?

eco@work April 2022

A quiet climate champion

Making headway at last

Electromobility was the outlier for a long time, until just a few years ago. In 2016, electric vehicles still accounted for less than 1% of new registrations. 2020 saw the figure soaring to 13%, and the number of models available almost quadrupled between 2015 and 2020. When it comes to two-wheelers, electric drives have also…


A quiet climate champion - The future of e-mobility

eco@work January 2022

Diversity at risk

Not always pretty, but vital

It is not considered particularly pretty. And let’s not mention its reputation. But when it comes to one particular characteristic, the termite is unrivalled: it can significantly improve the quality of depleted soils. This makes it just one of countless species that are important for the well-being of nature – and in turn also for…


Diversity at risk - How to preserve biodiversity?

eco@work October 2021

Environmentally sound, collective and fair

A transformation with many dimensions

The sustainability transformation is one of the biggest tasks that humankind has ever faced. And it’s a challenge in which there is more than one dimension to consider. There is of course the environmental dimension, but the technical, economic and – importantly – the social aspects must not be forgotten. Those who formulate…


Environmentally sound, collective and fair - Considering the social aspects of transformation

eco@work July 2021

Another 30 years to go

A new yet familiar role

Where nuclear energy is concerned, we have come a long way since the Oeko-Institut was founded more than 40 years ago. The nuclear phase-out was finally agreed; Germany’s remaining reactors are due to be shut down next year. A science-based, transparent, participatory and stepwise procedure is now in place to identify a site for a…


Another 30 years to go - The final storage of high-level radioactive waste

eco@work April 2021

50 million by 2030

Room wanted, for a while

I wish our apartment had a spare room. Just one. Now that the children are a bit older, it would be nice for them to have a space of their own. We would only need it for a few years, just until they leave home. After that, I would happily hand it back – my wife and I wouldn’t use it.

That’s not how it works, I hear you say. But…


50 million by 2030 - The heat transition: making it work
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