New tool informs about sustainability issues and chances for PTX supply countries

[Translate to English:] Neues Tool zu Wertschöpfungsketten von Power-to-X

The interactive tool PTX Business Opportunity Analyser enables supply countries for Power-to-X (PtX) to evaluate their different products and compare with other countries.The tool was developed by the Oeko-Institut in a project funded by PtX-Hub and commissioned by Agora Energiewende and Agora Industry. PtX refers to hydrogen based on renewable electricity and other energy carriers produced from it, such as ammonia, synthetic methane, synthetic methanol and synthetic aviation and mobility fuels.

Supply countries can assess their PtX value chain opportunities by using the tool to calculate landed costs of various PtX products in different demand countries. It is distinct from other tools focusing on PtX import, as it takes the supply country perspective. By using global datasets and publicly available data, it provides a level playing field for comparisons. Moreover, it allows users to change input data based on their local knowledge and specific expertise and comprehensively trace resulting changes. To integrate the views of potential supply countries, a broad range of stakeholders discussed and validated the data in three deep-dive country dialogues with Argentina, Morocco and South Africa.

A particular feature of the tool is the comprehensive set of background and context information. When selecting different process chains, the tool automatically highlights relevant sustainability issues, e.g. for electricity or for secondary inputs like water and CO2. Users can interpret the results using various comparisons and breakdowns within the tool. This is another difference from previous tools. Moreover, it contains comprehensive information on the hydrogen strategies of demand countries, as well as on regulation and certification systems, which in turn show how various sustainability aspects are covered or missing.

The tool is now available on this website upon registration.

Details and a recording of release event event can be found here