Energy & Climate

Dr. Roman Mendelevitch

Senior Researcher / Head of Energy Policy & Scenarios subdivision

Special Expertise

  • Energy system and electricity market modeling
  • Scenarios of future energy supply
  • Market-based instruments of climate policy
  • Renewable energies and price formation on the electricity market
  • Electricity market design
  • Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage (CCS)

Key Projects

  • BMWi CHP-Self-provision
  • WWF CO2 floor price in the electricity sector
  • UBA structural development of the EU-ETS

Selected Publications

  • Oei, Pao-Yu and Roman Mendelevitch (2018): Prospects for Steam Coal Exporters in the Era of Climate Policies - A Case Study of Colombia. Climate Policy.
  • Mendelevitch, R. 2018. “Testing Supply-Side Climate Policies for the Global Steam Coal Market – Can They Curb Coal Consumption?” Climatic Change, Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy, 150 (1–2): 57–72.
  • Richter, Philipp M., Roman Mendelevitch, and Frank Jotzo. 2018. “Coal Taxes as Supply-Side Climate Policy: A Rationale for Major Exporters?” Climatic Change, Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy, 150 (1–2): 43–56. 
  • Assembayeva, M., J. Egerer, R. Mendelevitch, and N. Zhakiyev. 2018. “A Spatial Electricity Market Model for the Power System: The Kazakhstan Case Study.” Energy 149 (April): 762–78. 
  • Mendelevitch, R., and P.-Y. Oei. 2018. “The Impact of Policy Measures on Future Power Generation Portfolio and Infrastructure: A Combined Electricity and CCTS Investment and Dispatch Model (ELCO).” Energy Systems 9 (4):–54.10.1007/s12667-017-0242-z
  • Kunith, A., R. Mendelevitch, and D. Goehlich (2017): Electrification of a City Bus Network: An Optimization Model for Cost-Effective Placing of Charging Infrastructure and Battery Sizing. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. Vol. 11, Iss. 10, 2017.
  • Oei, P.-Y., and R. Mendelevitch. (2016) European Scenarios of CO2 Infrastructure Investment, The Energy Journal Vol. 37 (SI3).
  • Holz, F., C. Haftendorn, R. Mendelevitch, and C. v. Hirschhausen (2015) The COALMOD-World Model: Coal Markets until 2030, In The Global Coal Market - Supplying the Major Fuel for Emerging Economies, edited by Richard K. Morse and Mark C. Thurber. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Mendelevitch, R (2014) The Role of CO2-EOR for the Development of a CCTS Infrastructure in the North Sea Region: A Techno-Economic Model and Applications, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 20 (January): 132–59.
  • Oei, P.-Y., J. Herold, and R. Mendelevitch (2014) Modeling a Carbon Capture, Transport, and Storage Infrastructure for Europe, Environmental Modeling & Assessment 19 (May): 515–31.

Professional Training and Career

  • Since 01/2019: Senior Researcher at Öko-Institut, Devision Energy & Climate, Berlin
  • 2016 – Jan 2019: Post-Doc, HU Berlin, Resource Economics Group
  • 2016- 2019: Managing Editor, Journal “Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy” (EEEP) of the International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE)
  • 2013-2016: Researcher at TU Berlin, Chair of Economic and Infrastructure Policy (WIP)
  • 2013-2016: Researcher at DIW Berlin, Dept. Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • 2013-2016: PhD in Economics (Dr. rer. oec.) at TU Berlin, Faculty of Economics and Management
  • 2013-2016: PhD student at the Graduate Center of Economic and Social Research, DIW Berlin, Dept. Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • 2006-2012: Student in Industrial Engineering and Management (Dipl.-Ing.), TU Berlin, Specialization: Energy Ecnomics and Transportation

Language Skills

  • Mother tongues: German, Russian
  • English (business fluent)
  • French, Spanish (basic knowledge)


Dr. Roman Mendelevitch