Gas phase-out

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The exit from fossil fuels is pivotal to the energy transition. Along with the cessation of power generation from coal, a gas phase-out is therefore crucial in enabling Germany to achieve its climate targets. Most of the natural gas required in Germany is burned to produce heat for buildings or to support industrial processes; only around one-fifth is used for power generation. It is clear that as a result of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the price of gas imports from countries other than Russia will surge far beyond industry expectations. An exit from climate-damaging gas is therefore required for the independence of the energy supply as well.

The Oeko-Institut works on topical issues relating to the management of the gas crisis and the challenges arising in the decarbonisation of the German energy supply. The experts advise the German government on policy approaches that can potentially accelerate the transformation process, and develop recommendations to ease the burden on the public. Topics relating to the exit from gas, such as the regulated shutdown of the gas infrastructure, also form part of the research agenda in connection with the heat transition.


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