Independent, visionary, international – research and consultancy at the Oeko-Institut
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Science for a sustainable future

The Oeko-Institut’s researchers work at the interface between research and consultancy, integrating the natural and social sciences and technical, legal and economic aspects. Robust scientific findings and recommendations are fundamental to their work. Building on their outstanding expertise and inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation, they develop their own methodologies and analytical tools, expanding on the findings of academic research and facilitating its practical application.

The Oeko-Institut conducts its research, analysis and consultancy in an open-ended and self-critical manner and presents its ideas and insights independently of the positions of political and social organisations. In this way, its researchers make their contribution to well-considered action by policy-makers, businesses and civil society. The Oeko-Institut is notable for the outstanding qualifications and commitment of its staff and for the continuous training and learning which enable them to develop methodologies and expand knowledge on an ongoing basis.