The Institute

The Oeko-Institut is one of Europe’s leading independent research and consultancy organisations working for a sustainable future.

Transdisciplinary sustainability research since 1977

Founded in 1977, the Institute develops principles and strategies for realising the vision of sustainable development at global, national and local level. Based on value-oriented scientific research, the Oeko-Institut provides consultancy services for decision-makers in politics, industry and civil society on topics such as Digitalisation, Energy Transition and Climate Policy, Just Transition, Nuclear Power, Mobility Transition, Sustainable Economy, Resources Transition and Environmental Law.

Since its establishment, the Oeko-Institut has worked on an inter- and transdisciplinary basis with partners from industry, academia and civil society, participating in joint projects and networks wherever this is helpful in terms of the issues being addressed. Its main clients include German ministries at the federal and regional-state level, businesses and the European Union. It also takes on commissions from NGOs and environmental organisations. The Oeko-Institut is a non-profit association. Its financial resources come mainly from third-party project-based funding.