Nuclear technology

Safety of nuclear facilities and processes – from the operation of nuclear power plants to the construction of a repository for high-level radioactive waste
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Germany’s last nuclear power plant was shut down on 15 April 2023. However, this does not mark the end of Germany’s responsibility for this high-risk technology. The dismantling of its nuclear installations, the management of the interim storage facilities and the still unresolved issue of a repository site will continue to preoccupy Germany for the foreseeable future. “New” reactor concepts and the safety of nuclear installations in Europe and around the world are also key issues for the Federal Republic.

The Oeko-Institut has worked on nuclear safety issues since it was first established in 1977. The researchers conduct assessments of the safety of nuclear and conventional installations in Germany and other countries, identify the potential dangers arising after major accidents at nuclear power plants, and analyse the environmental impacts of dismantling processes. They conduct evaluations of operational experience in German and international nuclear power plants and draft proposals for the further development of regulatory standards. With regard to the much-discussed lower-output reactor designs, the experts conduct scientific assessments on possible fields of application and associated safety issues and risks. They also organise and monitor processes for citizen participation in the debate about final storage.




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