Comparison of the Energy Consumption and Global Warming Potential of Washing Machines with PowerWash 2.0 with Appliances of Competitors with Conventional Technology

Saving Potential of Miele Washing Machines with the PowerWash 2.0 Technology

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For several years now, we see the emergence of a trend towards an increasing loading capacity in washing machines. At the same time, there is a steady decline in the average size of households, an increasing differentiation in the programme design of washing machines towards more specific programmes, and the correspondent supply of appropriate special washing agents on the market. Against this background, private consumers will encounter increasing difficulties relating to the use of the appliance at full load, although this remains a reasonable and effective way of reducing electricity and water consumption for doing laundry.  

Against this background, Miele has developed the PowerWash 2.0 technology, the use of which enables a very good adaptation of the energy consumption values to be achieved at reduced load. As the advantages of this technology (low consumption values in most programmes while at the same time good washing performance and short programme duration) are not adequately represented on the energy efficiency labelling the goal of this study is to quantify the energy saving potential of the new technology as compared to appliances from competitors with traditional technology. Also the water consumption, washing efficiency and programme duration shall be compared.