CLIMA.A2/ETU/2019/0016 - Evaluation Final Report

Evaluation Report for Regulation (EU) 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases

This report presents the findings of ‘Task 2: Evaluate current EU F-gas policy’ under the Support contract for an Evaluation and Impact Assessment for amending Regulation (EC) No 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases (hereinafter: ‘Regulation’). The study involved a detailed review and analysis of available literature and datasets. The study also gathered evidence and views from EU Member States, industry, NGOs and other stakeholders on the functioning of the Regulation through an open public consultation, targeted stakeholder interviews and workshop. This report summarises the evidence base and presents the consultants' conclusions as input to the Commission's Staff Working Document. The analysis is structured under the five evaluation themes of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and EU added value, and the eleven more detailed evaluation questions (and multiple sub-questions) under these themes. Conclusions are drawn about the overall performance of the Regulation, what progress has been made towards its objectives and whether they are still relevant for the current needs of the EU. Issues and challenges associated with implementation of the Regulation have also been captured to present a comprehensive set of lessons learned to inform the impact assessment task under the same support study contract.

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