Potentials, incentives, and regulation

EU 2040 Climate Target and Framework: The Role of Carbon Removals

The EU will adopt a climate target for 2040 and a framework for its implementation in the coming years. The 2040 target and its implementation framework will be pivotal milestones on the EU's journey towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and ultimately attaining net negative emissions. Rules on carbon removals will be a crucial part of this framework. The integrity of the EU's climate policies hinges on the strength and effectiveness of these rules.

A new report by the Ecologic Institute and the Oeko-Institut explores the role of carbon removals in the EU's climate framework for 2040. The report gives an overview of past trends in carbon removals in the EU, and explores possible contributions from natural and technical sinks to reaching the 2040 climate target. With a focus on measures and policies governing and incentivizing carbon removals, the report also examines the extent to which temporary and permanent carbon removals can contribute to achieving the EU's 2040 target.