Sustainable solutions for reducing plastic packaging in Asia

The overall aim of Öko-Institut's activities in Asia is to contribute to the promotion of sustainable consumption and production patterns (SCPs) in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This will be achieved by identifying, developing and implementing measures in the field of plastic packaging reduction. To this end the Öko-Institut works closely with local partners such as political decision-makers, public authorities, companies and scientific institutions and supports them in implementing measures. A particular focus of the cooperation is on collaboration with practice-oriented and scientific experts (e.g. Thailand Environment Institute, Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre) in order to achieve the multiplier effect of the implemented measures.


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End of project: 2023

Project manager

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Günter Dehoust
Resources & Transport
Ran Liu
Senior Researcher Sustainable Products & Material Flows
Dr. Mirja Michalscheck
Rasmus Prieß
Kevin Stuber-Rousselle

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Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)