Avoiding greenwashing, strengthening ecodesign - challenges for corporate and consumer communication

The aim of the project is a systematic review of the topic of greenwashing, taking into account the current EU initiatives "Empowering the Consumers for the Green Transition" and "Green Claims". The focus of the project is on the classification of product or service-related environmental claims made by companies. To this end, a literature analysis will first be conducted on the legally compliant definition of legitimate green marketing on the one hand and the greenwashing problem on the other. On the basis of concrete practical examples, characteristics are identified that can be used to distinguish legitimate green marketing from the various forms and types of greenwashing. Based on this collection of information, concrete assistance and guidelines for companies, consumers and multipliers will be developed and disseminated. This includes the revision of existing information brochures of the Federal Environment Agency and the development of new information offers for companies and consumers. These are intended to help the above-mentioned target groups to strengthen or better assess the credibility and reliability of environmental claims for products/services. In addition, the Federal Environment Agency is provided with technical advice on the ongoing processes for green claims activities and technical support for the revision of the DIN ISO 14021 / 14024 standards.

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Kathrin Graulich
Deputy Head of Division / Senior Researcher Sustainable Products & Material Flows

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German Environment Agency (UBA)

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