Environmental Law & Governance

Dr. Peter Gailhofer

Senior Researcher

Peter Gailhofer is a lawyer and senior researcher at the Öko-Institut. In his work, he focuses regulatory strategies for a better alignment of globalised value chains with environmental and climate protection. Another emphasis of his work concentrates on the role of law in digital value chains and life-cycles: how can law and governance be designed so that data-driven tools and smart applications work in line with the goals of the green transformation?

Special Expertise

  • Extraterritorial and transnational environmental regulation: for example. horizontal and sector-specific supply chain regulation, legal function of transnational standards.
  • Rights-based environmental and climate protection: environmental liability, climate change litigation, environmental (human) rights
  • Regulation of algorithm-based decision-making systems and artificial intelligence.
  • Regulation of the data economy: data-related rights, obligations and procedures, socio-ecological intermediaries ("data trustees")

Key Projects

  • The Consumer as an Actor in Supply Chain Regulation: A Consumer's View of Human Rights Risks in the Supply Chain
  • Regulatory concept for algorithmic decision-making systems under environmental law
  • Study on streamlining chemicals data flows, increasing data interoperability, dissemination, re-use and the use of all available data, and on the establishment of a data generation mechanism for the purpose of safety assessments in the context of the European chemicals regulatory framework
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the European Green Deal

Key Publications

Language Skills

English, Spanish (fluent), French (basic knowledge)


Dr. Peter Gailhofer