Members’ Meeting elects the Oeko-Institut Committee

Members’ Meeting in Darmstadt

On Saturday, 24 June 2023, the Oeko-Institut’s Members’ Meeting, which took place in the Darmstadt office and online, held elections for several seats on the Committee. Wolfgang Renneberg and Ulrike Schell were re-elected. Professor Thomas Schomerus was elected as a new Committee member. Thomas Rahner retired from the Committee after many years of honorary service. We thank him for his good collaboration during his time on the Committee.

The Committee and Executive Board informed the members about developments in the Association’s last business year. In addition, the Resources and Transport Division gave a presentation on its current major research projects. Dorothea Michaelsen-Friedlieb and Ulrike Schell were confirmed as Chairs at the subsequent Committee meeting.

Other external members of the Committee are Dorothea Michaelsen-Friedlieb, Sebastian Backhaus, Helmfried Meinel and Volrad Wollny. The internal members are Jan Peter Schemmel as Chief Executive Officer, Carl-Otto Gensch, who represents the extended management of the Institute, and Dr Johannes Betz (Darmstadt), Gudrun Wursthorn (Freiburg) and Dr Roman Mendelevitch (Berlin) as staff representatives.

The Oeko-Institut extends its heartfelt thanks to all the honorary members of the Committee.

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