Hydrogen: a comprehensive review

Can hydrogen become the fourth pillar of the energy transition?

Hydrogen could feasibly become the fourth pillar of the energy transition if its production is climate-neutral, i.e. based largely on additional renewable energies, and it is mainly used in sectors where there are few other options to reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

The study, published today, comprehensively reviews the technological status and the “colour palette” of hydrogen and hydrogen-based raw materials, costs and cost sensitivities, demand and related structures, the tension between domestic production and imports, and the required infrastructures. It also considers under which conditions and during which phases hydrogen can contribute to the energy transition and to climate change mitigation and identifies which strategies need to be in place for this purpose.

Wasserstoff sowie wasserstoffbasierte Energieträger und Rohstoffe - eine Überblicksuntersuchung [Hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels and raw materials – a review]: Oeko-Institut study