Energy & Climate

Dominik Seebach

Deputy Head of Energy & Climate Division

Special Expertise

Projects and studies on national and international issues of sustainable energy policy, including:

  • RES-E markets
  • electricity disclosure
  • green power certification
  • energy efficiency
  • energy-related issues of green procurement
  • emissions accounting for electricity
  • certification of green hydrogen
  • permission regulation for renewable installations

Key Projects

  • Analysis of the performance of administrative and grid connection processes that are necessary for the realization of renewable energy projects in Europe, and development of policy recommendations based on identified best practice and further research for DG ENER in the scope of the RES Simplify project.
  • Analysis of options for a union-wide green energy label with a view to promote the use of renewable energy from new installations for DG ENER
  • Support of the European Commission (DG ENER and DG ENV) on the development of guidelines for the public procurement of high-quality renewable electricity and on options for a union-wide green energy label
  • Support of European Countries with implementation of a coordinated accounting and tracking of electricity disclosure information, including application for emission accounting, funded by the European Commission (RE-DISS and E-TRACK projects)
  • European study on the contribution that private households can make to load management in energy systems with a large proportion of renewable energies funded by the European Commission (
  • Studies on market development for innovative sustainable products by focussed public procurement: development of guidelines and supporting calculation tools for CO2 emissions and life-cycle cost funded by the European Commission (;
  • Facilitation of a stakeholder process for the development of future visions of the energy transition in the Kopernikus projects ENSURE and ENSURE II supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Green electricity labelling with reference to the EnergieVision quality label for green electricity (
  • Manifold projects and studies on effectivity and possible improvements of electricity disclosure systems and systems for guarantees of origin, e.g. for the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, for the Federal Environment Agency and for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  • Development and management of a GO system for electricity in Germany within the framework of the European Energy Certificate System EECS, and ongoing development of EECS (,
  • Monitoring of direct marketing for renewable electricity in Germany, for German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate
  • Projects on interaction between power markets and e-mobility, particularly focussing on the consumption of renewable electricity, for German Environmental Ministry, Ministry of Transport and for Daimler AG
  • Projects on certification of green PtX and hydrogen, including tracking mechanisms and accounting rules for the electricity input, e.g. for German Ministry of Economy and Climate, GIZ, Climate Neutrality Foundation, German Federal Environment Agency

Professional Training

Degree in Geoecology from Universität Bayreuth, graduating in autumn 2003)


After completing his studies, Dominik Seebach worked at IFEU, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, in Heidelberg (Germany). He worked on behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), analysing policy tools for the promotion of electricity efficiency. After a short spell as a trainee at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre Directorate General in Ispra (Italy), Dominik came to Freiburg in July 2005 as a researcher for Öko-Institut.

Language Skills

English, some French and Italian


Dominik Seebach