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E-Waste Africa Project

authors: Manhart, A. | Prakash, S. | Hermann, A. | Seum, S.
Year of publication: 12 / 2011

The results and findings presented in this publication have been generated in the framework of the Basel Convention E-waste Africa programme, which aims at enhancing the environmental governance of e-wastes and creating favourable social…

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The Development of Climate Negotiations in View of Durban (COP 17)

authors: Herold, A. | Cames, M.
Year of publication: 12 / 2011

This report provides an overview of the development of the negotiations within the UNFCCC since COP 17 in Durban. It summarises the key developments in 2011 and provides short overviews for all negotiation areas. The overview also…

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Implementing Public Participation Approaches in Radioactive Waste Disposal - Deliverable 1.1

The IPPA Knowlegde Base Version 1

authors: Richardson, P. | Michie, E. | Kallenbach-Herbert, B. | Andersson, K.
Year of publication: 07 / 2011

The core aim of the IPPA project is the establishment of arenas where stakeholders can join together to increase their understanding of the issues involved in radioactive waste disposal and of their respective views. The project is not…

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Informal e-waste management in Lagos, Nigeria – socio-economic impacts and feasibility of international recycling co-operations

Component 3 of the UNEP SBC E-waste Africa Project

authors: Manhart, A. | Osibanjo, O. | Aderinto, A. | Prakash, S.
Year of publication: 06 / 2011

This study is integral part of the E-waste Africa Project and contains an in-depth socio-economic study on the functioning and the sustainability impacts of the informal EEE refurbishing and e-waste recycling sector in Lagos, as well as…

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Radiological Consequences of the Fukushima Event via Water Pathways

Background on dose calculations for fish and seaweed consumption

author: Schmidt, G.
Year of publication: 04 / 2011

In connection with the accident in Fukushima large amounts of highly contaminated water seeped through the structures of the buildings of Unit 2, collected on lower levels of the reactor buildings, and made their way to rooms on lower…

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Quick phase-out of nuclear power in Germany

Short-term options, electricity and price effects

Year of publication: 03 / 2011

Short analysis for WWF Germany

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Ex-post quantification of the effects and costs of policies and measures

authors: Schumacher, K. | Herold, A. | Koch, M. | Döring, U. | Harthan, R. | Jörß, W. | Pollitt, H. | Grebot, B. | Mardsen, H. | Sobey, M. | Noden, R. | Mistry, R. | Hill, J. | Harmelink, M. | Pulles, T. | Jozwicka, M. | Smokers, R. | Bolech, M. | Coenen, P. | Kuenen, J.
Year of publication: 01 / 2011

The study aims to support Member States and the European Commission in assessing ex-post the efficiency and effectiveness of individual policies and measures. As such the study aims to provide guidelines and recommendations to assess the…

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Study on Rare Earths and Their Recycling

Final Report for The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

authors: Schüler, D. | Buchert, M. | Liu, R. | Degreif, S. | Merz, C.
Year of publication: 01 / 2011

The focus of this study for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament lies on the development of a European strategy for a sustainable rare earth economy. It particularly addresses the recycling, the substitution and the efficient…

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Warming up to renewable heat

Policy Options Boosting Renewables in the Heating Market

authors: Bürger, V. | Kranzl, L. | Hummel, M. | Müller, A. | Connor, P. | Ericsson, K. | Beurskens, L. | Steinbach, J. | Ragwitz, M.
Year of publication: 01 / 2011

Final Report of the IEE project “Policy development for improving RES-H/C penetration in European Member States (RES-H Policy)“

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European second-hand car market analysis - Final Report

for the European Commission DG Climate Action

authors: Mehlhart, G. | Merz, C. | Akkermans, L. | Jordal-Jørgensen, J.
Year of publication: 01 / 2011

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions from the transport sector is a highly relevant issue at European level. In order to establish a coherent and effective European policy in this field it is vital to have sound…

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