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How many nuclear weapons does North Korea have?

Or, what is a nuclear weapon?

author: Englert, M.
Year of publication: 03 / 2018

Presentation by Dr. Matthias Englert, "Talk at DPG", March 8th 2018, Erlangen

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Nuclear safety in crisis regions

Year of publication: 04 / 2017

To what extent are nuclear facilities at risk in crisis areas? Which factors are of relevance in this context? Are policy-makers, the media and society around the world aware of the threat – and do they dismiss it too easily? These are…

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Nuclear Power and Nuclear Safety Post Fukushima

authors: Pistner, C. | Englert, M.
Year of publication: 03 / 2017

Presentation by Dr. Christoph Pistner and Matthias Englert, DPG – AKE – AGA: Nuclear Energy and Security, Münster, 29.03.2017

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