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Policy Brief: Recommendations for an ambitious EU-wide solar mandate

authors: Ritter, D. | Bauknecht, D.
Year of publication: 10 / 2022

A rapid and significant increase of renewable energies in Europe is necessary, both for decarbonising the energy system as well as for security of supply aspects. Rooftop solar installations have to be a substantial part of it, as they…

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The Social Climate Fund – Opportunities and Challenges for the buildings sector

authors: Braungardt, S. | Schumacher, K. | Ritter, D. | Hünecke, K. | Philipps, Z.
Year of publication: 06 / 2022

The objective of this study is to analyse the Social Climate Fund (SCF) proposal with respect to the following questions Is the SCF designed to fulfill this promise? Is the budget allocated in a solidary way across Member States…

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Hydrogen fact sheet – Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC)

Saudi-Arabia | Oman | United Arab Emirates | Qatar Kuwait | Bahrain

authors: Heinemann, C. | Ritter, D. | Mendelevitch, R. | Dünzen, K.
Year of publication: 02 / 2022

The GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain) all have investigated the option to export hydrogen or derivatives. However, there are no specific hydrogen strategies published, while…

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Hydrogen Fact Sheet – North African Countries

Morocco | Algeria | Tunisia | Egypt | Mauritania

authors: Heinemann, C. | Mendelevitch, R. | Ritter, D. | Jakob, M. | Dünzen, K. | Krieger, S.
Year of publication: 02 / 2022

All the North African countries in scope (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Mauretania) see the option of exporting green hydrogen or derivatives based on RES-E. However, their current electricity systems show high specific…

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Hydrogen fact sheet – Argentina

authors: Heinemann, C. | Jakob, M. | Ritter, D. | Dünzen, K.
Year of publication: 02 / 2022

Argentina offers some of the largest potentials for low costs hydrogen based on renewable electricity in the world. This is due to high average wind speeds and in addition high solar irradiation throughout large areas of the country.…

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Why electricity market models yield different results: Carbon pricing in a model-comparison experiment

authors: Ruhnau, O. | Bucksteeg, M. | Ritter, D. | Schmitz, R. | Böttger, D. | Koch, M. | Pöstges, A. | Wiedmann, M. | Hirth, L.
Year of publication: 10 / 2021

The European electricity industry, the dominant sector of the world's largest cap-and-trade scheme, is one of the most-studied examples of carbon pricing. In particular, numerical models are often used to study the uncertain future…

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Model-based evaluation of decentralised electricity markets at different phases of the German energy transition

Year of publication: 05 / 2021

This paper investigates small-scale decentralised markets in the German electricity system. In our case decentralised markets are defined as regions in which regional electricity demand is met primarily by regional generators. The…

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Model-based evaluation of decentralised electricity markets at different phases of the German energy transition

author: Ritter, D.
Year of publication: 03 / 2021

Presentation by David Ritter, MES 2021; Bangladesh / Online, March 4th 2021

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Comments from Oeko-Insitut on the ENTSOs TYNDP 2020 Draft Scenarios

Year of publication: 01 / 2020

This commentary focuses on the two 1.5°C scenarios, as there is still a fundamental need to revise these in order to achieve the Paris climate targets. Both scenarios rely heavily on an energy supply based on gas and the use of carbon…

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Effects of a Delayed Expansion of Interconnector Capacities in a High RES-E European Electricity System

authors: Ritter, D. | Meyer, R. | Koch, M. | Haller, M. | Bauknecht, D. | Heinemann, C.
Year of publication: 08 / 2019

In order to achieve a high renewable share in the electricity system, a significant expansion of cross-border exchange capacities is planned. Historically, the actual expansion of interconnector capacities has significantly lagged behind…

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Study on Technical Assistance in Realisation of the 2016 Report on Renewable Energy, in preparation of the Renewable Energy Package for the Period 2020 -2030 in the European Union ("RES-Study")

ENER/C1/2014 -688

authors: Bauknecht, D. | Förster, H. | Hünecke, K. | Bracker, J. | Bürger, V. | Cook, V. | Emele, L. | Heinemann, C. | Hesse, T. | Kasten, P. | Keimeyer, F. | Monteforte, M. | Ritter, D. | Schütte, S. | Vogel, M. | Winger, C. | Zell-Ziegler, C. | Capros, P. | de Vita, A. | Evangelopoulou, S. | Lescot, D. | Tuille, F. | Courtel, J. | Olesen, A. | Laugesen, F. | Brodsted, M. | Najdawi, C. | Brückmann, R.
Year of publication: 03 / 2017

The objective of this study is to provide technical assistance in the preparation of the 2016 Report on Renewable Energy, in preparation of the Renewable Energy Package for the period 2020-2030 in the European Union. Key findings are:

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Dispatch of Flexibility Options, Grid Infrastructure and Integration of Renewable Energies Within a Decentralized Electricity System

Results from Two Scenario Based Research Projects

authors: Koch, M. | Flachsbarth, F. | Bauknecht, D. | Heinemann, C. | Ritter, D. | Winger, C. | Timpe, C. | Gandor, M. | Klingenberg, T. | Tröschel, M.
Year of publication: 03 / 2017

We present results of two model based scenario analysis focussing on the future German power sector which is characterized by a rising share of renewable energies and an associated higher demand for flexibility. Case study 1 is based on…

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Mainstreaming RES

Study on the impact assessment for a new Directive mainstreaming deployment of renewable energy and ensuring that the EU meets its 2030 renewable energy target - Final task 1 & 2 report

authors: Veum, K. | Uslu, A. | Jansen, J. | dalla Longa, F. | Bauknecht, D. | Bürger, V. | Heinemann, C. | Haller, M. | Ritter, D. | Vogel, M. | Brückmann, R. | van Elburg, J. | Kleiwegt, E. | Pohl, I. | Kahles, M. | Wizinger, S. | Nysten, J.
Year of publication: 11 / 2016