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Data harmonisation for energy system analysis – Example of multi-model experiments

authors: Gardian, H. | Beck, J. | Koch, M. | Kunze, R. | Muschner, C. | Hülk, L. | Bucksteeg, M.
Year of publication: 07 / 2022

A variety of models have emerged in the field of energy system analysis to answer a wide range of research questions centred around a sustainable future for the energy sector. Even models designed to address similar issues often have a…

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Development of an open framework for a qualitative and quantitative comparison of power system and electricity grid models for Europe

authors: Syranidou, C. | Koch, M. | Matthes, B. | Winger, C. | Linßen, J. | Rehtanz, C. | Stolten, D.
Year of publication: 05 / 2022

The ongoing needs to develop power systems towards more environmentally friendly technologies with respect to climate change in conjunction with the continuous evolution of the respective market conditions is leading to a transition away…

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Why electricity market models yield different results: Carbon pricing in a model-comparison experiment

authors: Ruhnau, O. | Bucksteeg, M. | Ritter, D. | Schmitz, R. | Böttger, D. | Koch, M. | Pöstges, A. | Wiedmann, M. | Hirth, L.
Year of publication: 10 / 2021

The European electricity industry, the dominant sector of the world's largest cap-and-trade scheme, is one of the most-studied examples of carbon pricing. In particular, numerical models are often used to study the uncertain future…

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Addressing the Effect of Social Acceptance on the Distribution of Wind Energy Plants and the Transmission Grid in Germany

Year of publication: 08 / 2021

Social acceptance is increasingly becoming a limiting factor in implementing the energy transition in Germany. From today’s perspective, the expansion of wind energy and future transmission grids is only somewhat a technical or economic…

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Demand flexibility and what it can contribute in Germany

Year of publication: 11 / 2020

Published in: "Variable Generation, Flexible Demand 1st Edition", Editor: Fereidoon Sioshansi, Paperback ISBN: 9780128238103 , eBook ISBN: 9780128241912, Imprint: Academic Press, Published Date: 18th November 2020, Page Count: 594

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Comments from Oeko-Insitut on the ENTSOs TYNDP 2020 Draft Scenarios

Year of publication: 01 / 2020

This commentary focuses on the two 1.5°C scenarios, as there is still a fundamental need to revise these in order to achieve the Paris climate targets. Both scenarios rely heavily on an energy supply based on gas and the use of carbon…

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H2 utilisation pathways and their climate impact

authors: Koch, M. | Heinemann, C.
Year of publication: 10 / 2019

Presentation by Dr. Matthias Koch and Christoph Heinemann, 2nd Modellers´ Exchange Workshop, Paris Agreement Compatible Scenarios for Energy Infrastructure, Bruxelles, October 16th 2019

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Effects of a Delayed Expansion of Interconnector Capacities in a High RES-E European Electricity System

authors: Ritter, D. | Meyer, R. | Koch, M. | Haller, M. | Bauknecht, D. | Heinemann, C.
Year of publication: 08 / 2019

In order to achieve a high renewable share in the electricity system, a significant expansion of cross-border exchange capacities is planned. Historically, the actual expansion of interconnector capacities has significantly lagged behind…

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Dispatch of Flexibility Options, Grid Infrastructure and Integration of Renewable Energies Within a Decentralized Electricity System

Results from Two Scenario Based Research Projects

authors: Koch, M. | Flachsbarth, F. | Bauknecht, D. | Heinemann, C. | Ritter, D. | Winger, C. | Timpe, C. | Gandor, M. | Klingenberg, T. | Tröschel, M.
Year of publication: 03 / 2017

We present results of two model based scenario analysis focussing on the future German power sector which is characterized by a rising share of renewable energies and an associated higher demand for flexibility. Case study 1 is based on…

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Distribution System Study - Recommendations for Action & Summary

authors: Ackermann, T. | Untsch, S. | Koch, M. | Rothfuchs, H.
Year of publication: 01 / 2014

In this study specific technology options for integrating renewables into distribution systems were evaluated by means of simulation models. In addition, an important part of this study was to identify the legal framework and the…

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Ex-post quantification of the effects and costs of policies and measures

authors: Schumacher, K. | Herold, A. | Koch, M. | Döring, U. | Harthan, R. | Jörß, W. | Pollitt, H. | Grebot, B. | Mardsen, H. | Sobey, M. | Noden, R. | Mistry, R. | Hill, J. | Harmelink, M. | Pulles, T. | Jozwicka, M. | Smokers, R. | Bolech, M. | Coenen, P. | Kuenen, J.
Year of publication: 01 / 2011

The study aims to support Member States and the European Commission in assessing ex-post the efficiency and effectiveness of individual policies and measures. As such the study aims to provide guidelines and recommendations to assess the…

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