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The German Site Selection Procedure for a Final Repository for High-level Waste – Characteristics of a Participatory, Self-reflecting and Learning Procedure

authors: Chaudry, S. | Mbah, M. | Brohmann, B. | Hocke, P.
Year of publication: 04 / 2019

Presentation by Saleem Chaudry, Melanie Mbah, Bettina Brohmann and Peter Hocke, European Geosciences Union, 8. April 2019, Vienna

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Auswertung verschiedener Formate der Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung im Umfeld kerntechnischer Anlagen und Einrichtungen

Studie für das Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Wu?rttemberg

authors: Kallenbach-Herbert, B. | Brohmann, B. | Küppers, C. | Schütte, S. | Spieth-Achtnich, A.
Year of publication: 04 / 2016

Im Auftrag des Ministeriums für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Württemberg hat das Öko-Institut die in den letzten Monaten und Jahren im Kontext kerntechnischer Anlagen und Einrichtungen in Baden-Württemberg eingesetzten…

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Addressing the Long-Term Management of High-level and Long-lived Nuclear Wastes as a Socio-Technical Problem: Insights from InSOTEC


authors: Kallenbach-Herbert, B. | Brohmann, B. | Simmons, P. | Bergmans, A. | Barthe, Y. | Martell, M.
Year of publication: 08 / 2014

The European research project ‘International Socio-technical Challenges for implementing geological disposal’ (InSOTEC, focused on the analysis of the complex interplay between what are typically seen as distinct…

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When less is more - Sufficiency: Terminology, rationale and potentials

Oeko-Institute’s Working Paper 2/2013

authors: Fischer, C. | Grießhammer, R. | Barth, R. | Brohmann, B. | Brunn, C. | Heyen, D. | Keimeyer, F.
Year of publication: 10 / 2013

In this paper, we define sufficiency, based on a literature review and discussion, as “modification of consumption patterns that help to respect the Earth‘s ecological limits, while aspects of consumer benefit change.” These changes in…

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Demonstrating Safety – Lessons Learnt by InSOTEC

authors: Kallenbach-Herbert, B. | Brohmann, B.
Year of publication: 10 / 2013

Presentation by Beate Kallenbach-Herbert and Dr Bettina Brohmann at OECD-NEA Symposium “The Safety Case for Deep Geological

Disposal of Radioactive Waste: 2013 State of the Art”, Paris, October 7 - 9, 2013

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The contribution of local experiments and negotiation processes to field-level learning in emerging (niche) technologies

Meta-analysis of 27 new energy projects in Europe

authors: Brohmann, B. | et al.
Year of publication: 07 / 2007

Paper submitted for the special issue of the Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society on Renewable Energy & Sustainability (version of July 25, 2007)

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Towards a new methodology for creating societal acceptance of new energy project

Paper for the International Energy Workshop, June 25-27, 2007, Stanford (CA)

authors: Brohmann, B. | et al.
Year of publication: 06 / 2007

This paper proposes a methodology for creating societal acceptance of new energy projects based on an analysis of 22 energy projects in Europe. The framework to compile and analyze the cases is based on socio-technical transitions theory…

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OBRA - European observatory for long-term governance on radioactive waste management

authors: Kallenbach-Herbert, B. | Brohmann, B.
Year of publication: 01 / 2007

Continuing societal concerns limit the application of deep geological disposal in many countries. Wider societal involvement at a variety of governance levels in an open, inclusive and transparent manner is a top-level concern in all…

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Resources Fever

A cool head for sustainable solutions

authors: Buchert, M. | Brohmann, B. | Brühl, W. | Hermann, A. | Manhart, A. | Schmidt, G. | Untersteller, F.
Year of publication: 01 / 2007

Global demand for natural resources is increasing. Not only industrialized countries, but also newly industrializing countries such as Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa increase the pressure on energy sources, metal ores,…

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Sustainable consumption needs visions

Position paper by the Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut)

authors: Eberle, U. | Brohmann, B. | Graulich, K. | Grießhammer, R.
Year of publication: 01 / 2004

The present position paper “Sustainable consumption needs visions” was elaborated by the authors in a process of debate with numerous staff members of the Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut),

building upon the findings gained…

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