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Integration of maritime transport in the EU Emissions Trading System

authors: Wissner, N. | Cames, M. | Defour, S. | Abbasov, F. | Armstrong, J.
Year of publication: 07 / 2021

Maritime transport contributes 2-3% to global greenhouse gas emissions. It is, nevertheless, the only sector which is not yet subject to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets and policies in the European Union (EU). It is imperative…

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Ammonia as a marine fuel

Risks and perspectives

authors: Cames, M. | Wissner, N. | Sutter, J.
Year of publication: 06 / 2021

The decarbonization of the shipping sectorultimatelyrequiresthe switch to alternative post-fossil fuels. Ammonia has recently received increasing attention as a potential marine fuelthat could drive thisdecarbonization.In the context of…

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Options for regulating the climate impacts of aviation

Year of publication: 05 / 2021

Aviation is the most environmentally-damaging mode of transport and contributes substantially to global warming. At the same time, aviation enjoys numerous privileges compared to other modes of transport. Kerosene is exempt from the…

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Including transport sectors in the EU ETS

Background paper for the ENVI Committee

Year of publication: 05 / 2021

This background paper provides an overview of the design options for the inclusion of these sectors inthe EU ETS, possible impacts on emissions in these sectors and the impacts on the stationary ETS.

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