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Policy frameworks for district heating: A comprehensive overview and analysis of regulations and support measures across Europe

authors: Billerbeck, A. | Breitschopf, B. | Winkler, J. | Bürger, V. | Köhler, B. | Bacquet, A. | Popovski, E. | Fallahnejad, M. | Kranzl, L. | Ragwitz, M.
Year of publication: 12 / 2022

This paper presents an overview of policy frameworks for district heating (DH) in Europe. We develop a classification for policy aspects addressing DH, comprising regulation of ownership, prices, metering, consumer grid connection, third…

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District heating and cooling in the European Union

Overview of markets and regulatory frameworks under the revised Renewable Energy Directive

authors: Bacquet, A. | Galindo Fernández, M. | Oger, A. | Themessl, N. | Fallahnejad, M. | Popovski, E. | Steinbach, J. | Bürger, V. | Köhler, B. | Braungardt, S. | Billerbeck, A. | Breitschopf, B. | Winkler, J.
Year of publication: 06 / 2022

This study contributes to an enhanced knowledge of European District Heating and Cooling (DHC) markets, needed to develop policies, initiatives and projects contributing to achieving the decarbonization targets set by the European Green…

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The role of biomass in the decarbonisation of the heating sector

Study on behalf of the European Climate Foundation

Year of publication: 05 / 2022

Renewable heating is currently dominated by biomass, accounting for around 80 % of the renewable energy used for heating1. Within the heating sector, biomass is mainly used in the form of solid biomass: in 2019, solid biomass made up for…

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Carbon Pricing and Complementary Policies - Consistency of the Policy Mix for Decarbonizing Buildings in Germany

Year of publication: 11 / 2021

While it is widely acknowledged that carbon pricing plays an important role in driving the transition towards a low-carbon energy system, its interaction with complementary instruments is discussed controversially. The analysis of…

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Systemic challenges of Germany's heat transition – a measure and policy roadmap for a climate neutral building stock

eceee 2021 Summer Study proceedings - Panel: 7. Policies for a green recovery in the buildings sector

authors: Köhler, B. | Bürger, V. | Mayer, R. | Engelmann, P. | Sterchele, P. | Heilig, J. | Berneiser, J. | Sandrock, M. | Braungardt, S. | Hesse, T.
Year of publication: 10 / 2021

To reduce Germany's total GHG emissions by 95 % by 2050, the building sector must be completely decarbonised. Due to the inertia of the sector, it is necessary to significantly accelerate the renovation of buildings and the…

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German Energiewende—different visions for a (nearly) climate neutral building sector in 2050

authors: Bürger, V. | Hesse, T. | Köhler, B. | Palzer, A. | Engelmann, P.
Year of publication: 04 / 2018

In order to contribute to the German Energiewende (energy transition) adequately, the building sector has to be almost completely decarbonised in the long term. Our analysis investigates how the German building stock can be transformed…

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