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National and EU freight transport strategies

Status quo and perspectives and implications for the introduction of electric road systems (ERS)

authors: Hacker, F. | Mottschall, M. | Jöhrens, J. | Helms, H. | Kräck, J. | Rücker, J.
Year of publication: 06 / 2020

National and international freight transport in Europe is significantly influenced by both, national and the European Union (EU) strategies and regulations. The successful market launch of Electric Road Systems (ERS) can only succeed…

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Decarbonization of on-road freight transport and the role of LNG from a German perspective

authors: Mottschall, M. | Kasten, P. | Rodríguez, F.
Year of publication: 05 / 2020

The use of trucks running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) instead of diesel is not a suitable measure for climate protection in road freight transport. Even in an optimistic scenario, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of less than…

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Controversy! - Annual Report of the Oeko-Institut 2019

author: v. A.
Year of publication: 03 / 2020

Getting zero emission trucks on the road - From regional to long-haul

Comparing the costs and benefits of different technologies: A case study for Germany

author: Hacker, F.
Year of publication: 02 / 2020

Presentation by Florian Hacker, "Getting zero-emission trucks on the road", 19. February 19, 2020, Brussels

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EU Environment and Climate Change Policies

State of play, current and future challenges

Year of publication: 09 / 2019

This study reviews the state of play of on environmental and climate legislation in the EU and pinpoints key challenges for the next five years. Part 1 of this study summarizes the status of EU legislation, major EU targets and…

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Framework conditions and instruments for a sustainable governance of rural-urban linkages

authors: Wolff, F. | Mederake, L. | Sosath, O. | Westphal, I.
Year of publication: 08 / 2019

This (German language) report is part of the Ufoplan project “Rural Urban Nexus – Globally sustainable land use and urbanisation”. The project aims to develop an integrated approach for sustainable linkages between urban and rural areas…

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Not to be taken for granted: climate protection and sustainability through PtX

Discussion of requirements for and first approaches to developing verification criteria for a climate-friendly and sustainable production of PtX

Year of publication: 07 / 2019

Impulse paper on behalf of BUNDas part of the Copernicus project "P2X“

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Impact of slow steaming for bulk carriers

Assessment of the impacts on transport costs for different ship sizes

author: Graichen, J.
Year of publication: 05 / 2019

Presentation by Jakob Graichen, IMO ISWG-GHG Side Event, 7 May 2019, London

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Science in transition - Annual Report of the Oeko-Institut 2018

author: v. A.
Year of publication: 04 / 2019

Overview of ERS concepts and complementary technologies

authors: Gustavsson, M. | Hacker, F. | Helms, H.
Year of publication: 04 / 2019

The implementation of ERS at national and international levels is likely to work together with the application of other solutions for cleaner transportation. This report therefore contains descriptions and comparisons of complementary…

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Summary of the 2019 Aviation Decarbonization Forum

authors: Cames, M. | et al.
Year of publication: 02 / 2019

On February 12, 2019, at the Hotel AC Montreal, ICSA hosted the Aviation Decarbonization Forum - an exclusive event for ICAO Council members, permanent representatives, and their advisers to receive the most comprehensive, up-to-date…

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Synthetic fuels – How can they support climate protection efficiently?

Requirements and needs for regulation supporting a sustainable use of synthetic fuels

authors: Kasten, P. | Timpe, C.
Year of publication: 01 / 2019

Presentation by Peter Kasten and Christof Timpe, „Fuels of the Future“ conference. Berlin, 21 January 2019

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Transitioning to zero-emission heavy-duty freight vehicles

A system perspective on zero-emission heavy-duty road freight transport and challenges for a successful market entry

author: Hacker, F.
Year of publication: 12 / 2018

Presentation by Florian Hacker, 4.12.2018, Brussels

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Alternative drive trains and fuels in road freight transport – recommendations for action in Germany

authors: Plötz, P. | Gnann, T. | Wietschel, M. | Kluschke, P. | Doll, C. | Hacker, F. | Blanck, R. | Jöhrens, J. | Helms, H. | Lambrecht, U. | Dünnebeil, F.
Year of publication: 10 / 2018

This paper develops theses and recommendations for action on climate protection in road freight transport in Germany. Scientists from the Fraunhofer ISI, Oeko-Institut and Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) have…

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Lifecycle assessment of methyltetrahydrofuran, methylfuran and butanone as tailor-made fuel components

Accompanying environmental assessment within the Cluster Tailor-made fuels from Biomass at RWTH Aachen University

authors: Sutter, J. | Merz, C.
Year of publication: 09 / 2018

The Cluster “Tailor-made fuels from biomass” at RWTH Aachen University screens a wide variety of potential lignocellulose-based molecules with promising properties as fuel components. For four selected candidates detailed production…

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Electromobility – Fact check

Frequently asked questions

Year of publication: 05 / 2018

In view of global climate change and air pollution problems in cities, there is growing pressure for action to be taken to reduce transport emissions and end this sector’s dependency on fossil fuels. Electric vehicles are a…

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Fact Check Electromobility

author: Hacker, F.
Year of publication: 04 / 2018

In view of global climate change and air pollution problems in cities, there is growing pressure for action to be taken toreduce transport emissions and end this sector’s dependency on fossil fuels. Electric vehicles are a much-discussed…

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Ensuring a Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles

A Synthesis Paper on Raw Material Needs for Batteries and Fuel Cells

Year of publication: 03 / 2018

The mobility transition is urgently needed to slash energy consumption in the transport sector without restricting mobility as a whole. To make the transport sector largely climate neutral by the middle of the century, it is imperative…

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An outline of sustainability criteria for synthetic fuels used in transport

Policy paper for Transport & Environment

authors: Bracker, J. | Timpe, C.
Year of publication: 12 / 2017

If relevant volumes of hydrogen and synthetic fuels are to be used in the European transport sector until 2030, there is a need for sustainability criteria for these fuels to ensure their environmental benefit. Such criteria should not…

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The changeover from the NEDC to the WLTP and its impact on the effectiveness and the post-2020 update of the CO2 emission standards

authors: Kasten, P. | Blanck, R.
Year of publication: 10 / 2017

The CO2 emission regulation based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) has successfully decreased emissions in chassis dynamometer measurements during type approval procedures. However, CO2 emissions in operation on the road have…

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