D6.2 Policy mapping

Synthesis of policy and stakeholder requirements at EU level relevant for the forestry sector

  • Dr. Franziska Wolff
  • Mikko Peltoniemi
  • Aleksi Lehtonen
  • Esa-Jussi Viitala
  • Serena Marras
  • Valentina Bacciu
  • Alessio Menini
  • Mart-Jan Schelhaas
  • Hinke Wiersma
  • Erik Roest
  • Tudor Stancioiu
  • Mihai Daniel Nita
  • Ioan Dutca

The purpose of this analysis is to better understand the policy framework conditions under which European forestry will develop in the future. Specifically, the policy analysis will feed the design of exploratory scenarios in the ForestPaths project. On their basis, policy pathways will be developed during next steps in the project that outline alternative trajectories for how European forests and the forest-based sector can help climate change mitigation and adaptation, while conserving their biodiversity and sustaining ecosystem services.