Overview of Renewable Energy Spatial Planning and Designation of Acceleration Areas in Selected EU Member States

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In response to the amendments made to the RED III, CAN Europe, Birdlife, EEB and WWF EPO jointly commissioned this report to give an overview of how MS are endeavouring to implement the requirements. Based on the findings, the report aims to draw recommendations for further steps in the implementation process that contribute to strategies allowing the permittance of RE projects in an accelerated, yet environmentally and socially sustainable way. To gather real-time country-specific insights, this study focuses on the implications of RED III for spatial planning and the status of designation of RAAs in six MSs: Estonia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Poland and Portugal. To do so, we evaluate the prevailing state of spatial planning and key instruments like sensitivity mapping and public participation. The report pinpoints barriers for each MS and provides both country-specific as well as overarching recommendations to bridge the identified gaps. For a detailed analysis, we feature three case studies that serve as instructive examples from which other MSs can derive valuable lessons. These include Portugal’s approach in fast-tracking the designation of RAAs, sensitivity mapping in Spain and the participatory process for RE development areas in Germany.